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AWESOME! Lebayle Rosie 11 Bari Sax Mouthpiece in Hard Rubber S/N 0001!

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Product ID: 01LebayRoseBariMVA


HELP, I Want One!

Rosie 11 Developed by Brain Landrus
This is a very nice and lightly played Rosie 11 for baritone sax by Fred Lebayle. The piece is in great shape and shows virtually no wear of any kind. Its facing is perfect and you can even still see the original mill markings on the table and up the rails.
The Rosie features a fairly deep floor slope with virtually no baffle shaping below the tip rail. It has slanted inner side walls that round out as they meet the inner throat area of the chamber. The tip opening on this mouthpiece is a hefty .145”. These pieces were developed with Brain Landrus and Lebayle. The piece was influenced by Florida Otto Link and vintage Berg mouthpieces.