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Awesome! Hand Select P. Mauriat System 76UL Tenor Sax, Serial #PM0920319 – No High F#

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Product ID: PM0920319Sys76ULNoFTen


HELP, I Want One!

System 76 UL Tenor Sax – Show Room Model Discounted
This System 76 is in pristine condition. We hand selected it for our store stock and it has been played a few time in our show room. Because the finish is in raw and it has been played a small number of times we are now able to offer it at a slightly lower price point. As the horn is un-lacquered you can expect it to take on its own unique cosmetic character as it receives more play time. The physical body of the sax is still absolutely perfect. 
The System 76 UL is the perfect instrument for the pro player looking for the vibe of the classic Mark VI on a modern instrument. This tenor in particular keeps a warm natural consistency from top to bottom while providing free blowing response and a crystal clear projection. It should also be noted this saxophone has exceptional response in the altissimo register and a lush sub-tone in the bell keys. The System 76 model is more focused at its core in comparison to the P. Mauriat 66R and also showcases a more compact key layout. 
This tenor is currently awaiting a professional set-up in the Saxquest shop. The Saxquest pro set-up includes a complete disassemble, regulation and adjustment. We thoroughly play-test every instrument after the set up, to insure they are playing at the height of their capabilities. This System 76 ships out in perfect playing condition with the original protech style contoured case.  
If you have any questions about this saxophone or any of our other P. Mauriat saxophones please send us a product question or a message directly to zac@saxquest.com