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Awesome! Free Blowing Warbuton D 6* Mouthpiece for Tenor Sax – Eric Falcon Hand Finished

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Product ID: WarbDHR6sTen410


HELP, I Want One!

Hand Finished By Eric Falcon
This is a fantastic playing tenor mouthpiece. Hard rubber Warburton D series in a 6*. This is one of the 1st generation pieces made when Eric Falcon was hand finishing all of their pieces. It has a medium large inner chamber and a thumb print shaped rolled baffle below the rip rail. This piece has a lush and big free blowing sound. The great baffle work on the piece also gives the piece very precise projection and clarity. 
The piece has been played on some in the past but is in great shape around the outer body and beak. Its facing profile is also in pristine condition. The tip opening on this piece measures a true 6* at .095”.