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AWESOME! First Series Yamaha YAS-62 Alto Saxophone Raw Brass and Gold Keys, Serial #047379

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Product ID: 047379YAS62Alt


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Sweet Pro Player – Vintage Yamaha YAS-62
This is a very sweet playing professional model Yamaha YAS-62 alto saxophone, serial number 04379. 
These earlier model 62's were made right after the Purple Logo models. They do still feature the longer one piece key guard on the bell. The key guard stretches across the entire bell region from the low C key all the way up to the low Bb key. All of the gold lacquer finish was professionally removed on the body and neck of the instrument. The gold finish was left on the keys. This gives the horn a unique and stylish look. In addition to its unique physical character the raw brass finish makes this 62 more free blowing and faster in response then the typical 62 in gold lacquer. While it is considerably more free blowing then other 62's it still maintains a perilously balanced core sound. Control, flexibility and intonation on this alto are all fantastic.
The alto received pro overhaul in out shop a few years ago by Derick Trammel. Derick will also go over the horn once more before shipping to ensure it is still in perfect playing condition. The key work feels smooth under the fingers allowing for a easy and comfortable playing experience. All of the leather Prestini pro pads and metal resonators are in great shape. This saxophone also has a couple of small modifications which were more recently added. The palm keys feature coated cork risers. It also has a larger after market thumb touch below the octave key in the left hand. These mods are especially nice if you have slightly larger fingers. The cork risers can be removed if desired. 
This saxophone is not the prettiest horn around but it does have great played in look about it. The body tube, bow, bell and bow cap are all in really nice shape showing some standard cosmetic wear. It shows some scratches here and there and had some smaller dings taken out around the bow but it does not have any history of extensive repair. The original 62 neck is with the sax and shows similar cosmetic character as the rest of the instrument. This sax does also include a more recent Yamaha V1 neck with it as well. 
Ships in perfect playing condition with original purple wood box case.