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Awesome! Eric Falcon Made Warburton/MacSax Metal 8* Mouthpiece for Tenor Sax .120”

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Product ID: WarMac8sEFTen


HELP, I Want One!

Eric Falcon
This is a very nice player. It has a nice and warm center and plays with plenty of edge and projection as well. It features a very open inner chamber with a drop down baffle and a high slope to its floor. I found this to be a nice a versatile mouthpiece and would work great for someone who like Super Tone Masters but needs more flexibility and an occasional boost of power. 
The blank looks to be one of the older Warbuton metal mouthpieces but it also stamped with MacSax on the body. The piece plays very similar to the Warburton LA model and the MACSAX FJIII Series. It was hand finished by Eric Falcon. The uniqueness of this piece does make it an interesting collectors item. But most importantly it is a very nice player. 
The tip opening on this pieces measures .120.”