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Awesome! 5 Digit Vintage Mark VI Tenor Sax – Fully Overhauled by Saxquest, Serial # 76367

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Mark VI Tenor – High F# Key
This is an exceptional player! Vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor saxophone in gold lacquer, serial number 76367.  If you are looking for a powerful player with a particularly dark timbre you are going to fall in love very quickly. It is super responsive to air flow and has a lot of flexibility regarding projection and dynamics. The core sound of the saxophone is fuller and more robust in comparison to the later vintage Mark VI's as well as the models Selmer Paris is making today. This one also show cases a high F# key. At the time of this saxophones manufacture the high F# was only available as a special order item.  
This saxophone is one of the most recent projects for the Saxquest shop. It has been freshly overhauled with premium leather pads, seamless TM Custom metal resonators, new corks, felts and a top notch key regulation. The sax is now in perfect playing condition and includes a 1 year Saxquest service warranty.  
Physically the saxophone is in very nice condition showing a standard amount of cosmetic character for an instrument of its vintage. At some point in the past, most likely a very long time ago the tenor was re-lacquered. Its current lacquer shows the proper dark honey tint which is nicely complemented by the European deco engraving. There is also a decent amount of raw brass showing in spots. The lack of lacquer is possibly another reason this saxophone has such a free resonating sound. 
The body tube, bow, bell and bell flare are all in outstanding condition. Its bow cap is also in great shape and was never seriously pushed in. There has been a few past repairs on this saxophone in the past. The work was done extremely well in a pro shop. At some point more recently the alternate F# key guard was re-soldered. This saxophone does include the original Mark VI neck. At this point the finish is completely off of the neck but there is no history of past pull downs.  
With a dark but very versatile sound this tenor is ideal for the modern player who loves a dark color but does not want to lose power. This sax ships out in perfect playing condition in a contoured hard case.