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Antique 19th Century Antoine Courtois Bb Tenor Silver Trombone #4544 - Ships With Case

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Product ID: 4544CourtoisTBoneGW


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Antique Horn - Collectors Piece of History
Here we have an antique Antoine Courtois Bb straight bone in silver plate, serial number #4544. This horn can be dated to the late 19th century from the stamps reading this is during the Mille owned era 1880-1895, specifically after 1889 at least. The A. Courtois brand dates back even further to the late 1700s manufacturing band instruments from then till now under various owners which is quite impressive.
This trombone needs service before it will function properly, the tuning slide is frozen in place, and the slide needs to be straightened, cleaned, polished, and given a new spit valve cork. There is a bend and a dent in the bell as well. 
Interestingly, there are intricate, ornate engravings given to the end of the slide and the final brace before the bell. The slide is a friction fit to a bore of 0.500-inch on the bell side. The bell measures at 8-inch, but appears to need re-shaping.
This horn has a compact dark tone with a bit of back pressure compared to modern medium-large bore horns. It should play well after standard servicing.
The backlog of repairs at Saxquest is so long we are going to offer this horn in as-is playing condition for a reduced price. It will ship in a zip up contoured case with foam interior.