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American Style Engraved Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor Sax - Serial # 47984

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Our Price: $ 8,250.00

Product ID: 47984SBATenor


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Original Neck with Matching Numbers

This is a sweet 1951 vintage Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action tenor sax, serial number 47984. This is a tremendous horn for serious players looking for a sub-$9k SBA tenor. It features American style engraving on the horn, and has its original neck with matching serial number.


This tenor is an old relacquer, looks to have been done years ago. The “newer” lacquer shows mild wear, but nothing severe. There are a couple minor resolders, but I see no evidence of past dent work anywhere. The neck has never been pulled down. This stenor came to us on old pads well past prime, and it is currently in our repair shop in line for a complete restoration. We'll replace all pads and material, using premium firm leather pads and oversized, slightly domed nickel domed resonators. We're also going to replace springs, do a thorough cleaning, and adjust keys and the action throughout. The neck currently has a pickup, but that will be removed in the course of our repad, and sealed with a flush plug, which will be nearly impossible to spot once done (though there will be some lacquer loss from the heat of the torch). We're going to get this horn playing better than the day it left the factory in 1951.


With the old pads, the horn is leaking quite a bit, but you can still get a feel for its depth and presence. I think with new pads and a quality set up, this tenor is going to wail. I expect nothing less than a solid player's horn for serious gigging musicians. This SBA ships in its original Chesterfield case, with latches installed since the zipper no longer fuctions.