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American Engraved Selmer Mark VI Tenor Sax in Original Lacquer - Serial # 105368

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Our Price: $ 8,300.00

Product ID: 105368MarkVITenor

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Here's a great deal on an original lacquer, 1963 vintage Selmer Mark VI tenor sax with American style engraving, serial number 105368. This tenor came into our shop on old pads, and is currently in our shop in line for a full overhaul. We'll fix it up and make sure it ships in perfect playing shape.


This is a true 2-owner horn. The previous owner purchased it used in 1969, and his bill of sale is still in with the tenor (he paid just $425, not a bad deal!). It kept it and loved it all these years, but it is time to let it go.


As you can see in the photos, this horn is a stunner. The original lacquer is about 80% intact, and shows excellent coverage on the front of the horn. There is more lacquear wear on the back, where the sax may rest against the player during use. There's a smattering of tiny dings in the bottom bow, but no signs of serious past dent work or trauma. All of that will be cleaned up in our shop during the repad. The alt F# keyguard has been resoldered, as has one foot of the low Eb guard, but there are no other previous repairs that I can spot. The curve of the bottom bow cap is perfect. The last owner did etch some identifying numbers on the tube just below the serial number, as seen in the photos. The neck is unfortunately not original to the horn. It is a good early vintage Mark VI neck with low octave key saddle, but does not have any serial number stamped in it. The neck had a mic pickup installed at some time in the past and is still in place. We'll remove that, and seal it with a flush plug.


This tenor arrived to us on aging pads, with a mismatch of resonators. It could really stand to be completely overhauled to be in tip-top playing condition, so we're going to do this one right. The overhaul will include full disassembly and cleaning, dent work in the bottom bow, all new pads and resonators (seamless oversized nickel domed), and we'll remove the pickup in the neck and seal it with a flush plug.


This is a great opportunity to pick up a '63 vintage Mark VI for a fantastic price. Great deal for this vintage of VI, it'll be gone quickly.