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AM Mouthpieces - Metal 11 .078 Mouthpiece for Soprano Sax Silver Plated

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Product ID: AMSig11SopRB


HELP, I Want One!

Arnold Montgomery Mouthpiece
This is a used soprano saxophone mouthpiece in silver plating by AM Mouthpieces. The tip opening on the piece measures .078”. It shows a hand engraved design on the outer body and an 11 on the side. This piece looks like it is a couple years old but has not see a ton of use and is in good condition. 
As a player this piece produces a colorful warm sound with a very full resonant quality. It is not at all a super bright piece. The full sound with great clarity is balanced from top to bottom. If you are looking for a warmer sound with out losing any clarity you are going to fall in love with this one quickly.