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ALL ORIGINAL Yamaha YAS-62 'Purple Logo' Alto Saxophone - Serial # 033517

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Product ID: 033517YAS62Alto


HELP, I Want One!

Saxquest is fortunate to have received a matching pair of original pair of first series, “purple logo” stamped Yamaha 62 horns. This is the YAS-62 alto, serial number 033517. This horn is all original and in tremendous shape. You don't see these first series Yamaha pro model horns come any nicer than this.


The original lacquer on this alto is 99% intact. There's some cosmetic scratching of course, from nominal use, but only a touch of honest lacquer wear on a couple touch points. The sax shows absolutely no dents or dings, and no previous repairs. Amazingly, it is still playing well on all original factory pads. Key adjustment corks and felts have been replaced of course, to “freshen up” the horn, but the factory pads are still in great shape and the sax is playing great. This is a true one-of-a-kind find, great for collectors and players alike.


The purple logo horns have a true mystique about them, and this alto lives up to the hype. Warm and colorful, not as bright as the newer Yamaha 62 models, with excellent control and solid intonation, this alto has it all. It ships in its original purple Yamaha case, which is itself in mint condition.