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95% Original Lacquer Engraved Selmer Mark VII Alto Sax - Serial # 260651

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Product ID: 260651MarkVIIAlto


HELP, I Want One!

Coming with Full Saxquest Overhaul

This is a very pretty, early vintage Selmer Mark VII alto sax, serial number 260651. This alto looks fantastic with greater than 95% original lacquer intact. It has been well cared for over its life and is in line for a complete restoration from the Saxquest repair shop.


We received this alto in all original pads, not surprising considering the excellent condition of the original lacquer. We will completely disassemble and clean the sax, replacing all of the pads and material, and precisely adjust the horn to perfect playing condition. There are a couple tiny dings in the bottom bow which we will remove, and 2 resolders, one on the band joining the body tube and bottom bow, and the other on the lower foot of the low C keyguard. There are no previous damages or repairs to the horn, including the original neck, which has never been pulled down.


I played this alto before it went over to the repair shop, and even on the original pads, it is still playing ok, a testament to Selmer's craftsmanship. It plays with a definite warmer color, with a very focused core. Even with some current leaks in the bottom end, the sax felt very responsive. I look forward to this one being finished in our shop, it will be a good one! Ships in its original wood shell Selmer Vanguard series case. The case too is in superb condition, like the horn.