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90%+ Original Lacquer Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax - New Pads! - Serial # 164813

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Product ID: 164813MarkVIAlto


HELP, I Want One!

Very nice late 60s vintage original lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI alto sax, serial number 164813. This American engraved Mark VI is in tremendous shape, honestly because it hasn't been played a whole lot over its life. It even had a majority of original pads when it came to us! Currently in our repair shop in line for a repad, it will come to you with all new pads and material, and ready for years of enjoyment to come.


The original lacquer on this sax looks great, and is a solid 90-95% intact. There is minor wear on the usual touch points, and some scratching on the back side of the body tube and bell, where it may rest against the player during use. The shows a couple tiny pings in the bottom bow/tube area from bumping against a chair here and there, but no major past repairs. There are just 2 resolders, each on one foot of the low Eb and B/Bb keyguards. The bell flare is perfect and the sax has never seen a major damage. The original neck previously had a tiny ding on one side from where the octave key was bumping into it, but it has never been pulled down.


Included in the price is our full professional overhaul/repad. We'll take the sax apart, clean it up, take out all the tiny little dings and dimples previously mentioned, and replace all pads and material. Pads will be premium leather Valentino Pro pads, fitted with oversized seamless nickel metal resonators. We'll optimize spring tensions and key heights throughout, bringing the sax back to a factory-like feel.


Currently playing through some leaks, you can still get a sense of the sweetness of this particular alto. Really has a lush, sweet tone, but doesn't get overly dark. It currently has brown plastic resonators, but I expect once we get metals in there, it will open it up some. I can't wait to play this one once complete. Despite being a “later” serial number, I get the feeling this will be a top tier Mark VI! Ships in its original Selmer grey zippered case.