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80s Vintage Yanagisawa 880 Stencil Martin Professional Alto Sax - Serial # 00104250

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Our Price: $ 2,000.00

Product ID: 00104250Yani880Martin

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This is an early 80s vintage Yanagisawa-produced Martin professional alto saxophone, serial number 00104250. Built by Yani and pretty much a carbon copy of their top-of-the-line 880 series at the time (which would become their 990, and now the AWO10), this alto is a top shelf horn, and available for a super low price.


Despite its age, this alto remains in outstanding physical condition. The original lacquer is 95% intact; most of the wear is just cosmetic scratching on the back side of the tube. There are currently two minor dings in the bottom bow which we will remove, and no other dents or previous repairs. The original neck has never been damaged, it has the classic underslung octave key you see on Yani's pro model horns. Other features include keywork to high F#, teardrop front F, and tilting spatula table keys.


This alto came to us on old pads, and it obviously hadn't been played in a number of years. We're going to do this one up right, and replace all pads and material. Using premium firm leather pads and brown nylon resonators, we'll also take those dings out of the bow and optimize key heights and spring tensions. It will feel and play like a new horn again when we are finished, and all work is included in the price.


This is a wonderful sax for the concert band setting, as it plays with a clear and precise attack, easy blowing in all registers, and definitely has a warmer timbre. It's tone is pure and effortless, and intonation is excellent. Fantastic horn for the advancing student looking to pick up their first pro horn on a budget!