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'69 Vintage Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax - New Restoration - Serial # 164941

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Product ID: 164941MarkVIAlto


HELP, I Want One!

Sweet 1969 vintage Selmer Mark VI alto sax, serial number 164941. This alto was just restored in our repair shop by Josh Creekmore, and has all new pads/corks/felts and a pro regulation. It feels like a new horn and is a solid option for players wanting a Paris Mark VI on a budget.


This horn has been rebuilt top to bottom. Any previous dings and dimples have been removed, and while there are a couple resolders here and there, the work was done extremely well and is hard to spot unless you know what you are looking for. The body and neck are dent free and solid. At some point in its past, this horn was stripped of lacquer and is currently bare brass. The brass is shiny now, as it was just cleaned in our shop, but will tarnish with time and use. The sax has also been reengraved in the original American style, so the engraving is deep and looks great.


In the repad, our tech used premium Valenino Pro leather pads, with brown nylon resonators, similar to what the sax would have originally shipped with from the factory. The action, key heights, and spring tensions have been optimized and it feels fluid and quick under your fingers.


This alto plays with a sweet, slightly warmer tone, offering excellent control and a solid punchy tone. It was the right call to go with brown plastic resos over metal on this particular alto, as I think it has a tendency to be a bit brighter, but the plastic resos tone it down just a bit. Still, projection and edge are outstanding and this alto really cuts.