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60s Vintage SML Standard Tenor Sax - Rev D Copy - Serial # 19529

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Product ID: 19529SMLTenor


HELP, I Want One!

This is a 1966 vintage SML Standard series tenor sax, serial number 19529. The Standard was SML's “intermediate” level saxophone, but with a twist. When new models were introduced, SML would use the tooling and keys from the previous model to become the new “Standard.” So while this model dates to 1966, it is very similar to a 1950s vintage Rev D, though lacking rolled tone holes and all the adjustment screws of that model.


This tenor is in overall very good condition. The original lacquer is in very good shape, showing minimal lacquer wear from normal use. There's some minor pings here and there, but no major dents or previous repair. The neck is original to the horn and has never been pulled down. The sax is missing the low Eb keyguard, as seen in the photos, but is otherwise complete. A new guard will need to be fashioned.


Pads are in excellent, like-new condition, with brown plastic resonators. However, the sax could really use optimizing, as the key heights are off here and there, especially in the palm keys. The sax is sealing though, and playing well as it sits, so we are selling it as-is at a super low price. You'll need to at least get a new Eb guard in place (as that key flops open when playing without the guard in place), but otherwise this tenor is definitely playable in its current condition.


If you are looking for a solid playing vintage horn without breaking the bank, this is a great option. It is playing as it sits and just needs a new guard to be gig ready. Ships in a hard case.