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'59 Vintage ORIGINAL Selmer Mark VI Tenor Sax w/ American Engraving - Serial # 84664

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Product ID: 84664MarkVITenor


HELP, I Want One!

Ultra-cool 1959 vintage Selmer Mark VI tenor sax in original lacquer, serial number 84664. This “5 digit” Mark VI is in the fabled 8xxxx range and it the real deal. It shows typical wear for a horn that has been out in the real world getting played, but has obviously never been abused.


The original lacquer on this tenor shows excellent coverage on the “front” of the sax, with more wear on the backside of the bell and body tube, where it may rest against the player during play. While there are a smattering of tiny chair dings in the bottom bow, there are no signs of major past dent work or repair. The bell flare has never been creased, and I can spot only one resoldered joint, on one foot of the low C keyguard. It was done so well that you'd probably miss it unless you know what to look for. The original neck has the matching serial number, and while it does have lacquer wear on the sides, it doesn't appear to have ever been pulled down, as there is no true creasing of the lacquer.


When this tenor came in, it had been awhile since it had been fully repadded, so we're going to do this one up right. We'll clean it inside and out, replace all pads and material, using TM Custom oversized flat metal (screwback) brass resonators. We'll optimize key heights and spring tensions, bring everything back to factory specs. Our tech will get it feeling like the day it left the factory in '59. We'll also clean up the minor dimples in the bottom bow and make sure everything is perfect for the horn's next owner.


I can't wait to play this horn once our shop is finished with it. There's something magical about Mark VI tenors in this serial number range. They keep all the warmth and depth of the earlier Mark VI's, while adding more punch and projection. Stay tuned!