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'57 Vintage Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax with High F# - Serial # 69236

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Product ID: 69236MarkVIAlto

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This is a very early vintage (1957) Selmer Mark VI alto sax with factory high F#, serial number 69236. This is a great horn to pick up for players looking for a first series (short bow) Mark VI alto without paying collector's prices.


This alto was relacquered long ago, but not overly buffed. The original American style engraving is still clearly defined, even in the smallest detail. Except for the lighter lacquer color, it could pass for original. There's a fair amount of lacquer wear on the horn, but all from honest play over the years. A previous owner had “Connie” engraved inside the bell flare, as seen in the photos. Whether that was his girl or the horn is anyone's guess at this point. The neck is not original, but it is a later vintage VI neck that matches the horn well. The neck has not been relacquered, though most of the lacquer has long since worn off.


This alto came to us on very good pads, fitted with brown plastic resonators. The pads are sealing well, but to really optimize the horn, we are going to do our fresh pro set up on this horn before shipping. We'll take it all apart, clean it inside and out, and replace all of the key adjustment corks and felts, as well as any pads that aren't up to our standards. We'll optimize spring tensions and key heights throughout, and make sure this alto is playing to the height of its ability when it goes out.


These very early Mark VI horns typically are very dark players, and while this alto does play with a lot of warmth and color, I didn't find it stuffy or inhibiting in any way. It takes your air well and response is fast. The high F# key adds plenty of options for altissimo fingerings, and all in all, this is a dynamic horn that you can take to any gig without fear of something breathing on it the wrong way and hurting its value.