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'55 Vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI Tenor Sax in Original Silver Plate - Serial # 63022

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Product ID: 63022MarkVITenor


HELP, I Want One!

This is a very clean, all original silver plated Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor sax, serial number 63022. The serial number dates this sax to 1955, just after the introduction of the “new” Mark VI. The original silver plating is in great shape, and the horn is playing well on a not-too-old overhaul.


Physically, this tenor is about as straight as they come. There are no signs of any past dent work or repair, and I can't see a single resoldered joint. The original neck has never been pulled down or damaged. The low C keyguard took a bump in shipping to us, but thankfully the feet didn't pop off the body. We'll reshape the guard in our repair shop so it looks great when it gets to you.


This tenor was repadded maybe 5 years ago, original good firm leather pads and oversized metal resonators. Pads are all still in excellent shape, and it doesn't look to have been played very much or very hard over the last couple years. The tenor will go through our repair shop before shipping, where we'll give the sax a good cleaning, freshen up the material, and reseat pads as needed, so you can rest assured that the sax will arrive to you ready to go for the long haul.


This tenor plays with definite warmer color, but the silver seems to add a level of vibrancy and resonance. It takes all of your air comfortably and I never felt like I was hitting a wall. The bottom end is as sweet and full as you would want, and its tone stays fat as you climb up into the palm keys and altissimo. Fun sax to play, with looks to kill.