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'49 Vintage Conn 6M 'Naked Lady' Alto Saxophone - Serial # 335381

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Product ID: 335381Conn6M


HELP, I Want One!

This is a post-World War II, 1949 vintage C.G. Conn 6M alto sax, serial number 335381. This alto features the iconic “Naked Lady” engraving on the bell, and comes complete with its original double socket neck.


This alto was relacquered long ago, but done extremely, as seen in the photos. The original factory engraving is still crisp and defined with little of the “smoothed over” look that comes from buffing during the relacquering process. The body shows no signs of past dents or trauma, and the tube is straight. The original neck has never been pulled down, and has the underslung octave key. The microtuner mechanism moves freely.


This alto came to us on old pads and is due for a repad. Because the horn is so straight, it should be a fairly straight forward repad/recork. With our repair shop backed up for months, we've decided to let this one go as-is. With new pads and a fresh setup, it'll be a great 6M for lovers of these old Conns. Ships in a leather-covered gig bag.