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30s Vintage Selmer Paris Balanced Action Alto Saxophone - Serial # 24499

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Product ID: 24499SelmerAlto


HELP, I Want One!

Awesome 1937 vintage Selmer Paris Balanced Action alto sax, serial number 24499. This alto has had its lacquer removed and is bare brass, giving it a cool look, and more than anything, seems to have really opened up its sound. It is a great sax for Selmer lovers who dig the old (i.e. not pristine) look.


This BA features some cool engraving on the bell, which, while fainter after having had the lacquer stripped off, is still clearly visible. Looking over the sax carefully, I see evidence of just one tiny ding removed from the curve of the bottom bow. I see no other signs of prior damage or repair, and that includes no resolders. The neck is original, and it has never been pulled down. This alto has obviously either seen very little playing time over its long life, or has been extremely well cared for.


There was a big fad for awhile to have lacquer removed from horns to get more resonance. They must be on to something, because look how many new unlacquered saxes are sold today! Whatever the reason, the lacquer is gone from this alto, and it definitely does play very open and responsive. I don't know how it played before, but this is a big sounding alto. While it plays with plenty of power, it never loses the Selmer core, and still has good control. Pads are all in good shape, with brown plastic resonators, and the sax will get a fresh check-up in our repair shop before shipping.