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1966 Vintage Selmer Mark VI Tenor Sax with High F# - Serial # 137946

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Product ID: 137946MarkVITenor


HELP, I Want One!

A Tremendous Playing 60's Vintage Mark VI

This is a killer player's vintage Selmer Mark VI tenor sax, serial number 137946. This tenor dates to 1966 and has just been completely restored in the Saxquest repair shop. It is now in perfect playing shape and ready for its new life. It is one of those rare Mark VI's with American style engraving and high F#, which you don't see too often.


This tenor is mostly bare brass now. I think the body has been stripped at some point, though no overly buffed, as the engraving around the bell is still crisp and clear. There is some lacquer on a few keys still, but not much of it honestly. To look at the sax, you don't see signs of any past dents, but the sax did have some minor dents in the bottom bow which we repaired in our shop during the overhaul. George Bunk did all the work, and he left no evidence of his repairs. It looks as clean as you will find anywhere.


This sax was repadded using premium firm leather pads, with original style brown plastic resonators. With all new corks and felts, and a premium set up combining a medium spring tension and medium-open key heights, the sax feels like a new horn under your fingers. The keywork is crisp and fluid, and even up and down.


This is a power horn, no two ways to say it. Its projection is amazing, and it takes your air incredibly efficiently. If you find yourself regularly playing in a loud setting, this is the horn to have sitting in front of you. Comes with its original neck (early vintage with low octave key saddle).


For a limited time only, we are offering a FREE Saxquest mouthpiece with this purchase. You can select a mouthpiece from the options above, and it doesn't have to be for this sax (example, you can get a tenor mouthpiece with the purchase of an alto sax). Please designate facing in the message field when placing your order. Note that quantities are limited so we may contact you to change your option on mouthpiece and/or facing if we temporarily run out of a certain selection. Options include:
  • Tenor Sax : Saxquest Core, Saxquest Bridge, Saxquest Hoss
  • Alto Sax : Saxquest Lead
  • Soprano Sax : Saxquest Voice, Saxquest Hoss
  • Bari Sax : Saxquest Hoss