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1965 Vintage Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax in ORIGINAL LACQUER - Serial # 122631

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Product ID: 122631MarkVIAlto


HELP, I Want One!

Newer Pads & Ships w/ Fresh Adjustment

Nice original lacquer Selmer Mark VI alto sax, serial number 122631. This sax dates to 1965 and it looks incredible despite its age. The original lacquer remains in great shape. Even better, it is a very fun alto to play!


The pictures tell the tale on this one, the sax really does look fantastic. There is wear to the original lacquer on the back side of the bell, tube, and bow, but the “front” of the horn shows very little lacquer loss, mostly just on the touch points. The sax has been played but never abused, and shows no signs of major past repair. A few tiny dings have been removed here and there, and there are a couple resolders on the low Eb keyguard and alt F# keyguard, but that's about it. The original neck has the matching serial number and it has never been pulled down. The sax has some custom built cork risers on the palm keys which feel great too.


Pads look to be just a few years old, fitted with brown plastic resonators, and they are still soft and sealing well. They have lots of life left in them and will go for a long time. The sax came to us ready for a fresh set up, so we are going to take it apart, clean it, and replace all of the adjustment corks and felts. If we find any pads that are starting to age, those will get replaced too, to make sure all is in perfect shape when you get it.


I found this to be a very balanced and versatile horn. Its tone offers the perfect balance of color, not too dark or bright, and it has a nice flexible core that allows you to shape your tone as you need. Power and projection is as full as you could ask for. This horn really pops! A great lead alto for a fantastic price. Ships in a like-new BAM Softpack series case with new straps.