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1949 Vintage SML 'Rev C' Series Soprano Sax in Original Silver Plate - Serial # 7788

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Product ID: 7788SMLSoprano


HELP, I Want One!

This is a neat old SML “Rev C” vintage soprano sax in original silver plate, serial number 7788. Currently sitting in old pads, this sax is going to need a repad before you can gig on it. With our repair shop backed up for months, we've made the decision to sell this one as-is at a low price.


We see a fair number of SML altos and tenors, but the soprano is a much more rare bird, and almost never in silver plate. Though the silver is quite worn on this instrument, it is original, and the sax has never been refinished/relacquered. There's some history of minor past dent work around the bell flare, but no other signs of past repair. All keywork is original and in fully working order.


If you have a repair bench at home or have a good tech you like, you can be in and out of this horn for a good price. It should be a fairly straight forward overhaul, and with new pads and material, this sax will be up and singing again. Ships in a hard case.