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1948 Vintage Haynes Flute with Plateau Keys, Silver Headjoint, and off-set G - #197711

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Product ID: 19771HaynesPlateauFluteSil

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Doubler's De-lovely Delight
This is a Haynes Boston, MA standard model C Flute from late 1948 with a silver head joint, offset G key, and a low C foot, serial number #19771.
These Flutes were manufactured with similar features throughout the pre and post-WWII eras. Drawn, rolled tone-holes, off-set G key, trill Bb, D and D# keys in the right hand as well as a roller for the low C key. Ergonomically this flute feels standard and is easy to get acclimated to. 
Tonally this flute has a pure, focused, dark character that is a bit more resonant in the middle and lower registers. In the upper tessitura this flute can be a bit soft and airy. This is mainly because of the design of the lip plate, riser, and blowing edge of the day.
It appears there is no wear or past dent work on this flute, and it has been set up recently as the materials are holding up nicely. Grey felts were installed expertly and all the mechanisms and rollers move freely and smoothly under your fingers.
All us woodwind players know, we have to double on flute sometime, and luckily this one doesn't have open holes so an intermediate level player can really dig into this one. So if you're looking for a solid instrument to double on with a great tone from a solid brand, look no further. This one will ship in as-is playing condition with an SLM brand C flute zip case.