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1945 Vintage SML France Rev B Tenor Sax at LOW PRICE - Serial # 5803

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Our Price: $ 1,050.00

Product ID: 5803SMLTenor

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This is a classic World War II vintage SML France “Rev B” tenor sax, serial number 5803. This tenor needs some adjustment in its current state, but pads are new and the price is right, giving you plenty of room to make it right and still be ahead in the game.


This SML was relacquered long ago, but done well, with the original factory engraving still defined on the bell. The sax shows some history of minor dent work and a resolder or two, but overall is solid top to bottom. A previous owner etched something in the bell below the stamping (hard to make out what).


This tenor looks to have a fairly recent repad, with flat metal resonators, and new material. Springs too are in good shape. However, it didn't get a good final adjustment. The keywork feels a bit sloppy and there some clicks here and there, and there are leaks in the pads that could be ironed out. With our repair shop backed up for months, we've decided to sell this one “as is” at a super low price. If you have a repair bench at home, or have a preferred tech who can make this horn right for you, you'll have a great horn at a low price! Ships in a good classic hard case.