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1938 Vintage Selmer Paris Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone - Serial # 26454

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Product ID: 26454SelmerBATenor


HELP, I Want One!

Freshly Repadded in the Saxquest Shop

This is a 1938 vintage Selmer Paris Balanced Action series tenor saxophone, serial number 26454. This tenor was just completely restored in the Saxquest repair shop and ships in perfect adjustment with a fresh set of pads. If you've been looking for a solid vintage Selmer BA at a great price, it is hard to pass this one up.


As you can see in the photos, this tenor was relacquered long ago, but done well. It has a rich amber colored lacquer which has an original-like look to it. The sax body is in fantastic shape. The bell, tube, and bottom bow area all flawless, showing no signs of previous repair. The side F# keyguard has been resoldered on, but I see no other repairs to the body of the horn. The original neck has had some dent work, and as such there isn't any lacquer remaining on the neck, but the curve is right and there are currently no dents or dings in it.


This sax was repadded in our shop using the finest firm leather pads and flat metal resonators. It is sealing up like a drum and whispers to low Bb with ease. The keywork is tight and crisp, with a fluid, free feel and quick action.


This is an extremely emotive tenor, responding to subtle changes in air and embouchure with ease. Ballads are a lot of fun on this horn, but it has the power to hang in any setting too. It definitely has a warmer, slightly darker characteristic in its tone. This is a tremendous player, it will not disappoint!