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1937 Vintage Conn 10M 'Naked Lady' Tenor Sax with New Pads - Serial # 281829

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Product ID: 281829Conn10M


HELP, I Want One!

Conn 10M Tenor

Here's a sweet 1937 vintage C.G. Conn 10M “Naked Lady” engraved tenor sax, serial number 281829. This is a great deal on a vintage rolled tone hole 10M. It has recently been fully repadded and is ready to bring lots of enjoyment to a new owner.


This 10M was relacquered long ago, and done very well. As you can see in the engraving, it remains crisp with no signs of hard buffing during the work. The rolled tone holes are also all in great shape. A previous owner added a couple custom risers for comfort, and the neckstrap ring has been relocated for improved comfort during play, but no other work has been done. The bottom bow curve is perfect, and the bell flare doesn't appear to have ever take a hit. The original neck too has never been pulled down.

This tenor has a recent overhaul, with black roo pads and oversized flat brass resonators. It is sealing up like a drum and is just starting to get that “broken in” kind of feel. The action is fluid and effortless under your fingers. It has also been checked out in the Saxquest shop and is in perfect playing condition. 

Sonically, this Conn takes all of the air you can push through it and then some. Very lively sounding horn, with a lightning quick response and a full, spread sound. This is the quintessential American jazz kind of tone. Ships in an excellent condition Protec case.