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1936 Vintage C.G. Conn 10M in Gold Lacquer - Silver Plated Neck #266973

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Product ID: 266973Conn10M


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Early 10M Vintage
This is an 1936 vintage C.G. Conn 10M "Naked Lady" tenor saxophone, serial number 266973. We have not seen too terribly many of these early ones with the bigger "Toaster box" style bell key guards. 
The Conn 10M is equipped with chromatic key-work from low Bb to palm F with a front-f mechanism. Left over from the previous 'New Wonder' model, this horn has a back-door trill Eb in the lower stack. All key touches and table-key rollers in the upper and lower stacks are real mother-of-pearl. This particular one was re-lacquered in the past. 
This horn shows the history of quite a bit of past dent and solder repair. The neck also had quite a bit of past repair done to it as well. It looks like there was some repair and patch work done to it before it was silver plated. Because it is silver plated it is difficult to note everything that was done but you can clearly see a bump near the octave key mount left from a past patch job. 
The tenor is currently playing ok but not great through some leaks. Ultimately in order for the horn to be in perfect playing condition it will need to be completely overhauled first. We would love to do it up right but we have a large number of pending projects in shop at this time. As such we are selling this one in as is condition at a much lower price point. 
Instrument ships in as is condition with case.