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1935 Vintage Original Lacquer 'Art Deco' Aristocrat Alto Saxophone, Serial #270872

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Product ID: 270872BueschtocratAltArtDec

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Gorgeous Lacquer - Great Accessories
This is a Buescher Aristocrat alto saxophone showing a original lacquer with beautiful 'Art Deco' style engraving on the bell, serial #270872. This horn has a manufacture date around 1935, placing it at the beginning of the 'Series I' Aristocrats. The lacquer on this one is pretty much pristine showing very little wear throughout. Not major signs of past dent work and no re-solders. All the keys and key guards are in nice original condition as well. 
The Buescher Aristocrat featured a change from the norm, as this is the first horn with two left side bell keys that Buescher produced. The horn came with standard chromatic keywork from low Bb to palm F, a front-F mechanism, and right-hand trill G# option. The left-hand pinky table keys are wide to give better leverage. For some reason, this one feels more robust under the fingers all around.
Sonically, the Aristocrat has a lush, sweet tone you can really only find in the earlier American vintage horns as everyone trended towards a larger bore over time. It recently received a pad job from another shop. A tech did the job with a slightly thicker pad and used key heights that were a little on the low side. Unfortunately it is not playing all that well at this time and will need at the very least a good set-up  before it can be considered in perfect playing condition. 
If you're a player fascinated with vintage American horns, this is a solid way to get into a beautiful one at a great price! It ships in a Hiscox alto hard case with its original neck. As an added bonus it also comes with the original Buescher Tru-Lay alto mouthpiece with cap and ligature.