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1929 Vintage Conn 82A Victor Cornet in Gold Plate/Elaborate Engraving - Serial # 227328

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Product ID: 227328ConnTrumpet


HELP, I Want One!

1929 vintage CG Conn 82A Victor cornet in original gold plate, serial number 227328. The 82A Bb cornet features a # 2 1/2 bore size (.484”). This cornet features extensive hand engraving all up and down the bell, including a portrait of a man and woman together. It also has a micro-tuning “opera glass” mechanism, which was Conn's trademark of the era.


This trumpet does have a handful of resolders/past repairs, mostly on the braces joining the lead pipe and bell. All were done very well, and I see no evidence of past major dent work. The bell flare is in flawless shape, and there are no dents or damage to any of the slides. It has been awhile since this trumpet was serviced, so it is currently in our repair shop in line for a fresh flush and chem clean. We'll make sure the valves are cleaned and oiled and that the instrument is in tip-top playing shape before it ships.


This model was designed to play short shank cornet mouthpieces, so 2 are included (one of which is the original I believe). Ships in its original case as well.