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1922 Vintage C.G. Conn New Wonder Series I Tenor Sax - Serial # 99002

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HELP, I Want One!

LOW Price on a Good Vintage Conn
This is a 1922 vintage first series C.G. Conn New Wonder tenor sax, serial number 99002. This tenor is still in really good shape despite approaching 100 years old, and while it does currently need pad work, it is available for a really low price and ready to be a great player again.
As you can see in the photos, this horn has been re-lacquered at some point in its past, most likely long ago judging by the color and the lacquer and mild wear. The sax is pretty straight with no major dents or past work, just minor dings here and there and a couple minor resolders. The original rolled tone holes are mostly in great shape. A couple in the upper part of the horn have been lightly filed in spots but not extensively, and most are still perfect. The keywork is still free and fluid throughout the sax, and is complete. The neck is not original, but it does match the sax well.
This tenor is currently on older pads and it will need an overhaul before it is ready for any serious playing. If you have a bench at home or know a good tech that owes you a favor, you can get out of this tenor pretty cheap and have a great old Conn at a low total price. Does ship in a hard case. 
We had Austin do a video of this horn on its older pads just to see if we could get anything out of it as its sits. 
Austin makes it look easy but the horn is sitting on very old pads at this time and most people are going to have at least somewhat of a difficult time playing it. But it is nice to see the horn has a ton of potential. It will need to be completely overhauled before it is going to be ready for any serious playing.