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1920's Vintage VocoTone Curved Soprano – Buescher Made Stencil, Serial #52971

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Product ID: 52971VocoToneCurvSop


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Buescher Stencil – Vintage Curved Soprano
This is a 1920's vintage VocoTone curved soprano saxophone, serial number 52971. The saxophone was made as a stencil instrument for the WJ Dyer& Brothers by the Buescher company. It show cases key work from low Bb to high Eb with a side C, back door Eb and side Bb keys ( no high F, E or side E). It was manufactured with brass key cups as opposed to having pearl key touches. The body is in solid condition as it sits while showing a history of past body and solder repair. Its bow and bow cap are both in great shape as well. All of the key work and soldered tone holes are intact and in good shape. At the lacquer is off the saxophone and it is currently has a clean raw brass look. 
It looks like a previous owner spent some time having this saxophone serviced and set-up on a set of nice leather pads and metal Noyek resonators. It is currently playing through leaks with an open and bright sound all the way down to low Bb. If you are going to want to put a lot of play time on this sax it is ultimately going to need a good set-up before it can be considered in perfect playing condition. Because this sax is currently playing we are going to let it go for a lower price in as is condition. 
This saxophone is ideal for any one looking to have an extra soprano for use around the house or as a collector. VocoTone is not one of the common stencils that usually come into our shop. It is a shame instruments can not talk because I am sure this one would have a great story. This saxophone ships out in as is condition with a quality wood hard case.