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1912 Vintage Evette Schaeffer - Buffet Soprano Sax Nickel Plate, Carl Fisher NY Serial #21435

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Product ID: 21435EvetteSchSoprano


HELP, I Want One!

This is a fabulous early vintage soprano saxophone made by Evette Schaeffer, serial number 21435. If you are really into early horns it does not get much cooler. This nickel plated sax showcases older style key work with two register keys and key work up to high F#. The engraving around the bell shows the name “Evette Schaffer” and “Buffet Crampon” as well as a Buffet Crampon Stamp. On the opposite side it reads Carl Fisher New York. These saxophones were made by Evette in Paris and imported to Carl Fisher in New York. 
The body of the sax shows some honest wear to the nickel finish and some minor past repair but nothing too serious considering the sax is now over 100 years old! Looking over the sax closely it looks like the key post for the register key has been repaired in the past. The only other area to note is around the outer bell flare which shows a slight bend. This is most likely from being placed on a peg stand. This sax is with all of the original key work. 
In the past someone did a very thorough clean up and overhaul on this saxophone. As it sits now the pads are on the older side but that being said it also does not look like it has received much play time since being restored. At this time it is playing great all the way down to low Bb. Due to the early vintage of this sax it is most ideal for a collectors piece or use at home. Because of the rare factor, key work and the early manufacture of this instrument it is not going to be ideal for most players looking for a soprano to do a lot of performing on. 
Ships playing in as is condition with vintage wood hard case.