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1868 Vintage Adolphe Sax Tenor - Serial # 31651 - Custom Silver Restored

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This is an original Adolphe Sax tenor saxophone, serial number 31651. This tenor dates to around 1868, and was hand made by the inventor of the saxophone. It was produced at his 50 Rue Saint-Georges shop in Paris. Sax patented his new instrument in 1846 (some earlier prototypes starting showing up just a couple years before this), meaning this tenor was made just 22 years after the “invention” of the saxophone.


The first thing you notice when you pick up this sax is how light it is. Sax hand made these horns, so the brass had to be very thin and light for him to be able to muscle it around. Originally bare brass, this tenor was later silver plated for durability and cosmetic appeal. The silver plating is gorgeous and has not yet tarnished much. The sax features double octave keys, and keywork from low B to high F. A previous owner did give it a go and try to restore the sax. The pads are still in decent overall condition, but you've really got to squeeze in spots to get it to seal.


Maybe due in part to the lighter nature of the horn, but this is about the most resonant tenor you'll play. It responds lightning fast to your air. Getting around on the cumbersome, antiquated keywork is a chore (especially remembering to hit the right octave key at the right time!), but it is amazing how the inventory of the sax really had this thing figured out from the beginning. This sax can be the highlight of many a collector's assemblage. Ships in an old vintage wood shell case, which may very well be the original.