WOW! Vintage C.G. Conn Original Silver Plate F-Mezzo Saxophone, Serial #213628

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Conn F-Mezzo 1928
This is a highly exceptional example of a C.G. Conn F Mezzo soprano saxophone in original silver plate, serial number 213628. The F Mezzo is certainly one of rarest instruments out there. It was Adolphe Sax's intention to have 2 full sets of alternating sax families, one in Eb and Bb and the other set in F and C. Sadly very few of these horns are left and are consequently hard to come by. 
The F Mezzo shows off its original stain and burnished silver finish with a gold wash around the bell flare. Its body is in outstanding physical condition with no signs it ever received major past repair. Looking over the sax closely there is not evidence of major past body work, it has received zero re-solders. All of the key guards and key work is intact and original. The body tube, original neck and and bell are also all in great original condition. A point of note on this sax is there is a few very small pin size dings around the bow. The bow itself is in great shape but the bow cap does show signs it was slightly bumped in the past. (Picture 17 ) 
It is very faint on the horn but a previous owner did engrave by hand what looks to be a phone number from the 701 area code ( picture 28)
This F Mezzo features all of the classic “Chu Berry” features including trill G# in the right hand, finger nail file G#, rolled tone holes and pearl rollers. The key action on this particular Conn is comfortable and very easy to get around on allowing for a positive playing experience. This saxophones previous owner more recently had it mechanically overhauled in another shop with leather pads and a set of seamless flat brass resonators. They also spent quite a bit of time inserting cork crescents into the palm key tone holes and side key tone holes. This was done to make the soprano play in tune easier. At this time we are going to leave these in the saxophone but they can be removed on request if you would prefer to have it be in a more original format.
This saxophone ships out in its original Conn wood hard case and a very nice playing F Mezzo mouthpiece in great shape. The tip opening on the mouthpiece measures .060”. 
Please let us know if you have any questions.