WOW! Ultra Rare Vintage Arnold Brilhart Velvet Brass for Tenor Sax, serial #1066

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Product ID: 1058VelvBrilTen3sTP


HELP, I Want One!

Velvet Brass – Perfected by Jimmy Jensen
This is a very cool vintage “Designed by Arnold Brilhart” Velvet brass mouthpiece for tenor saxophone, serial 1066. These Velvet pieces are one of the more rare items out there in the world of vintage mouthpieces. This is the first Velvet model our shop has seen in roughly 13 years. 
This particular piece is in nice shape around the outer body, beak and shank. The black bite plate is also in great shape and is currently protected by a small BG clear patch. This mouthpiece was more recently worked on by mouthpiece tech Jimmy Jensen. The tip opening on the mouthpiece now measures .098”. 
The Velvet Brass is a extremely smooth player regarding its response to air flow. It features a medium warm color and exceptional clarity in its projection. I personally was blown away by the colorful response of this piece and found it to be a real treat to play.