WOW! Five Digit Vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI Tenor Saxophone in Gold Plate, Serial #88434

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Product ID: 88434SelmerMarkVIGPTen


HELP, I Want One!

Selmer Paris Gold Plated Mark VI – High F# Key
If you are looking for something really special this is not going to disappoint. These later 80 thousand serial number horns are sonically very akin to the Micheal Brecker series (86xxx). They are free blowing and lean towards a more powerful and intense character. The naturally rich and powerful characteristics of this particular tenor seems to be further enhanced by the gold plating. Its warm and luxurious sound is perfectly blended with crystal clear projection and lush overtones. The key work is smooth under the fingers allowing for an ultra fluid feel and playing experience. This tenor also has a high F# key. The high F# was exclusively a special order item at the time this tenor was manufactured. 
The body of this saxophone is in outstanding physical condition for its vintage. At some point in the past this was either a lacquer or silver horn that received a gold plating job. The upper body tube near octave key post does show some history of some past dent work. This work was done very well and is hard to spot if you do not know what you are looking for. The lower bow area also shows a few areas where some smaller dings were previously removed. These were very small and minimal dings. The bow cap itself is in perfect condition and has never been pushed in or damaged. The tenor includes the original Mark VI neck with matching serial number stamp. It is in outstanding condition and shows no history of being pulled down in the past. 
This tenor was recently overhauled in the last few years in another shop. It has a very nice set of premium leather pads with flat oversized seamless metal resonators. The pads are all in excellent condition. Saxquest also just completed a fresh set-up on the sax and it is now in perfect playing condition. 
This is easily one of the more colorful playing Mark VI's we have had in the shop. It shows off a richly balanced sound palette from low Bb all the way into the altissimo register. If you are looking for a tenor that is a cut above the rest you will not want to miss out on this incredible gold plated Mark VI tenor.