Vintage Silver Plate Buescher 140 Aristocrat Alto Saxophone, Serial #336915 ROSE GOLDWASH BELL!

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A Rare, Rose Gold Beauty
Built at the tail end of 1950, this beautiful, satin silver plated Buescher model 140 Aristocrat was part of the earliest "Post Big B" production runs. At the time, silver plating on a Buescher was uncommon and likely special order, so it stands to reason that with a satin silver finished body, burnished silver keys, rose gold washed bell and "U.S." engraved on the bell, this horn was ordered by the military. 
95% of the original silver plating remains, only showing the slightest wear at the most touched points on the instrument. The body is straight, with no signs of resolders or major dent work, though it seems as if a couple of minor dents have been removed from the bow. The neck is slightly pulled down. There are some minor scratches, with a ring sratch around the strap hook. The original Snap-on resonator system has been removed. The springs are mostly aftermarket replacement screw-ins with a few original gold-plated Nortons remaining. Oddly, the octave key touch has been modified. The usual half-circle cutout on the bottom has been filed off and the sides rounded.
The instrument was most recently serviced and repadded at the Wichita Band Instrument Co. in 2018. They used natural corks and felts and what appear to be treated Ferree's leather pads with moderatly sized seamless metal dome resonators. 
This Aristocrat plays well as is with easy projection, fast response, and a warm core to the sound with a slight bit of edge when pushed. To put it at its best, the instrument is in line for a setup in the SQ Repair shop where we'll address some stick pads and minor leaks, outfit it with higher quality corks and felts, regulate the keys for optimum intonation, response, and feel, and correct the neck pull down issue. Please allow up to 4 weeks from date of purchase for the repairs as our shop is swamped.
The horn ships in an MTS Products vinyl-clad wood-walled rectangular case that is in like-new condition.