Vintage Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action Soprano Sax in Original Silver Plate, Serial #45079

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Rare – Super Balanced Action Soprano 1951
This is a beautiful example of an original silver plate Selmer Super Balanced Action soprano saxophone, serial number 45079. The soprano was manufactured in 1951. It is fairly uncommon to find a 50's vintage SBA soprano, especially in this kind of condition. First and foremost the soprano showcases pristine original silver plating. This SBA features a straight across or “wrap around” table cluster for the bell keys. Its register system shows the tear drop octave key lever accompanied by the pearl touch thumb piece. The upper neck area above the palm keys does feature the neck “venture” shaping. This soprano is with all of the original key work and white key pearls. At some point in the past a previous owner had the marching lyre mount repaired and added a large neck strap ring. It is very common to see an aftermarket ring on vintage Selmer sopranos as they were not a factory feature at them time of manufacture. 
The physical body of this saxophone is in excellent shape showing some typical signs of past play time, but nothing too serious. Its upper neck venture, body tube and bell flare are all in excellent original condition. Aside from the previously mentioned marching lyre repair the saxophone does not have any history of major repair to the body. 
As a player this sopranos has one of the sweetest sounds out there. It takes the air in fast and easy while speaking with an open free blowing response. This saxophone has an exceptionally gorgeous brilliant sonic character and crystal clear projection. The key work is smooth and light under the fingers allowing for an ultra fluid playing experience. This soprano was last professionally re-padded in a pro shop in 2014. The leather pads and metal domed resonators are in great shape. While the saxophone is in our shop we will put a fresh set-up on it to guarantee it ships in perfect playing condition. 
In addition to being a world class playing sopranos the rare nature of this saxophone makes it a must have item to the serious Selmer collector. This saxophone ships out from our shop in perfect playing condition with our professional set up and a vintage wood hard case. Please send us in a product message if you have any questions.