Vintage Original Lacquer Buescher Aristocrat Alto Sax - Serial # 336275

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Product ID: 336275AristocratAlto


HELP, I Want One!

All Original Gold Springs & Snap-in Resonators

This is a post-Big B vintage Buescher Aristocrat alto sax, serial number 336275. This alto is in good original lacquer and will ship with a fresh overhaul from the Saxquest repair shop. If you've been on the hunt for a solid pro alto on a budget, this is a fantastic option.


This model Aristocrat was made just after the Big B and is much the same, with different engraving on the bell. It features the same body tube and bore, railroad style guards, gold plated Norton springs, amber rollers, and snap-in metal domed resonators. We are going to perform a complete cleaning and repad on this alto before shipping, but will retain all of those parts, including the resos.


Physically this horn is in stellar shape, with only lacquer to show for its age. There are no dents or previous damage, including no resolders. The original neck has never been pulled down. The horn has been played, but lovingly cared for throughout its entire life. Even the original case is still in great shape.


The Aristocrat has historically been known as a great classical instrument, but they make great jazz horns too, as championed by Ben Reece in our repair department, who loves these horns. This Buescher plays with a sweet and colorful tone, with a lively response and a slightly spread characteristic. It takes your air very quickly. A great old American made sax for a budget kind of price.