Vintage King Marigaux by SML Soprano Saxophone, Serial #26492

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Product ID: 26492KingSMLMariSop


HELP, I Want One!

SML Paris France
This is a vintage King Marigaux saxophone made by SML, serial number 26492. We do not often come across SML sopranos so having this horn in the shop is a nice treat. This one in particular has had a fairly active life of use. A lot of the lacquer is off of the sax at this point but it does not show any history of serious repair or abuse. 
This sax came into our shop on a slightly older re-pad from another shop. Its current black roo pads are in decent condition but they have already started to shrink away from the pad cups because of this it is hard to say how much longer these pads will be usable. One of our techs spent some time tweaking the horn out on these pads and it is currently playing quite nicely with a warm sound and quick free blowing response. In order to keep the sales price of this saxophone at a premium we are selling it in its current condition with out doing any more work to it. 
It ships out with vintage wood hard case.