Vintage Keilwerth Tone King Silver Plate Tenor Saxophone – High F#, Serial #57026 'As is Special'

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Product ID: 57026KeilwerthTKTen


HELP, I Want One!

Keilwerth Tone King Tenor Sax
This is a players horn special, vintage Keilwerth Tone King tenor saxophone, made in Germany, serial number 57026. We do not see too many of these early Keilwerth saxophones so it is always a treat to get one in. This one looks like it was very actively played over the years. It came into our shop playing nicely on its current set of pads down to low Bb through some leaks. It would ultimately need a thorough set-up and general service work before it would be considered in perfect playing condition. But if you are looking to get into a decent gig horn under 1500 this is going to be a hard horn to pass on. 
These Toneking Models feature rolled tone holes, high F#, front F and trill G# key. In comparison to horns made today the high F# is unique in its design and location in the right hand, just above the aux F# key cup. These saxophones also feature rolled tone holes, trill G# and front F. The finish on this saxophone was most likely re-done at some point in the past. Its current finish is in decent condition and is down to the raw brass in some areas, mostly around the major touch points. A notable point of wear on the sax is the roll to the side Bb tone hole. ( See picture 30&31) One of the screw mounts on the original clear plastic close guard is also un-soldered. 
In order to keep the price down on this saxophone we are selling it in as is condition with out doing any work to it in our shop. Ships in as is condition with the original wood hard case.