Vintage David Guardala Gold Plated Studio Alto Mouthpiece .100

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D. Guardala - Studio
This is a vintage hand finished David Guardala studio gold mouthpiece for alto saxophone. The mouthpiece measures .100” at its tip opening, this is around an 8* or 9 by most mouthpiece facings. These studio pieces are made with a pretty significant drop back chamber and a high baffle floor. This piece in particular is a tremendously powerful player. The air moves through this piece super fast while producing a powerful and very bright sound. Definitely not a piece for the duo gig at the country club.
Physicaly the piece is not real pretty looking at this point due to use over the years. Its pink bite plate is intact but has a slight indentation from past teeth placement. That being said the condition of the facing, side rails and tip is pretty clean with no major chips or wear.