Vintage Berg Larsen 120/1 Offset M Metal Mouthpiece for Baritone Sax - With Cap and Lig

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Berg Larsen 120/1 Offfset M
This is a nice vintage Berg Larsen stainless steel straight bill stainless steel mouthpiece for baritone saxophone. The facing stamp on it is 120/1 with offset M, it does showcase the famous Berg Larsen bullet chamber configuration. This piece shows the history of some past play wear but is in great condition over all. The condition of the table, tip and side rails is very nice. Its black bite plate is also in good condition. 
The piece plays with a quick and crisp response to air flow. The over 1 chamber configuration allows for a colorful sonic character with out being overly bright. This would make a great piece for straight ahead jazz or use in big band. The mouthpiece is with a vintage Berg cap and lig set. Unfortunately one of the rear screw mounts has become un-soldered. We are including the cap and lig for this mouthpiece in as is condition. 
The tip opening on this piece measures .114.”