Vintage 1929 C.G. Conn New Wonder II 'Chu Berry' in Gold Plate #222504

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Focused and Free-blowing
Here we have a vintage C.G. Conn New Wonder II alto saxophone in gorgeous gold plate, serial #222504. The New Wonder series of altos spans over the decades leading to the famous 'M' series, this one is from the 2nd run which is referred to as the 'Chu Berry'. Chu horns are known for their free blowing nature and dark character, this one is no exception!
This horn features key work from low Bb up to palm F, a front F mechanism, and alternate G# and D# trill options in the lower stack. One could say this is very standard key work for 1929, the year this one was manufactured. Additionally, the neck has a microtuner, standard with the alto New Wonders. These you can dial in with clockwise and counterclockwise turns after backing your mouthpiece all the way down the cork. The table in the Chu was updated to a fingernail file G#.
Aesthetically, this horn has only a few blemishes accrued over 93 years, a few scrapes on keys, a neck receiver that is missing one octave key guide (the other has been resoldered), and one small indentation on the bow. The neck is showing no signs of pull down, but the gold is starting to wear. Aside from these blemishes, the horn is playing great on the pads and materials it came in, and will get a fresh check-up in our shop before shipping.
Free blowing is synonymous with these 'Chu' models, this is a result of the large bore design and single post construction, surely. The tone is beautifully focused, with a dark-leaning sonic character.
This horn is great for a jazz player in a big band or combo. It ships with a contoured Bags brand case.