The BG France Leather Straps for Alto & Tenor Saxes - Many Models Available

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These are the BG France Leather straps for alto and tenor saxes. These have several options available. The S20M/S20SH have a leather strip around the neck, enforced further with cotton padding for a comfortable feel. The S20JM/S20JSH are similar, but have a metal adjuster for a cool, unique look. The S70M/S70SH ups the neckstrap to a larger European leather strap that more evenly distributes weight over the shoulders, providing relief similar to a harness strap.
Models available :
  • S20M - leather strap, metal hook
  • S20JM - leather strap, metal adjuster, metal hook
  • S20JSH - leather strap, metal adjuster, plastic snap hook
  • S70SH - leather yoke strap, plastic snap hook