Selmer USA Low A Baritone Saxophone Gold Lacquer, Great Student Bari, Serial #1082294

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Product ID: 1082294SelmUSABari

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Selmer USA Low A – Players Special
This is a slightly older Selmer USA baritone saxophone keyed to low A, serial number 1082294. A baritone sax like this is most ideal for the seasoned saxophone player who needs a baritone on the cheap. The body of the saxophone is in very good shape. Like many baritones it does show some smaller dings along the bow area and a general history of active play time. The body tube, upper J and U tube, bow and bell are all in nice shape. Its original neck is in good condition and has never been pulled down. 
As it sits the bari is playing down to a low A through some leaks on its original factory set-up and original pads. Ultimately it will not be in perfect playing condition until it receives a complete mechanical overhaul. Because of the long line in our shop and the fact it is playing decently on its older pads we are now offering it in as is condition. So if you have a favorite tech in mind to do the work or are just looking to get a bari sax this is a way to do it at a very low price. 
Please let us know if you have any questions about this instrument. You can send in a product question or a question directly to It ships out in its original wood box hard case.