Saxquest Lead 9 Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone #212 - 0.094inch/2.39mm

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Product ID: SQlead9hraltompc094

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Big Tip - Reduced Price!
Here we have a Saxquest brand Lead 9 mouthpiece for alto sax, tip opening 0.094 inch/2.39 mm. These pieces dimensions are based off of the best vintage Meyer NY mouthpieces Saxquest has encountered. With the help of a CNC controlled high precision lathe and 5-axis vertical mill, these pieces are turned and cut to shape in an effort to take on the most notable qualities of a NY Meyer, then carefully hand finished by James Bunte. With 'The Lead' a player will experience a fantastic balance of harmonic complexity, tasteful edge, efficient use of air, and great projection (especially with the tip set to 9!).
Physically this piece has a small amount of oxidation to its exterior, a few teeth markings on the beak, but the side rails, rail tip and table are all in great condition. These blemishes are only topographical and do not affect the playability at all!
Internally you will find a rounded chamber with semi rounded sidewalls and a roll-step shape to the tip of the baffle. Sonically, this piece can take on vastly different characters depending on reed strength; old-school warm and vibrant on soft reeds with tons of expression potential vs. cool and controlled darker tone with hard reeds that projects to the back of the house. Players needing to cut through a professional tier brass section without maxing out their lungs' compression would appreciate the versatility of the Lead 9.
This mouthpiece is part of old stock, so we are letting it go for a reduced price and will ship without a ligature nor a mouthpiece cap.