Saxquest Lead 7 Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Alto Sax #202 Older Stock - 0.084inch

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Product ID: SQlead7hraltompc084


HELP, I Want One!

Projects all the way to the Back Row!
This is a Saxquest Lead 7 mouthpiece #202 with a tip opening of .084 inch/2.13 mm. The Lead piece is modeled after the legendary Meyer NY vintage mouthpieces and carefully hand finished by James Bunte. These mouthpieces play with a solid core with plenty of warmth and harmonic richness while maintaining a tasteful edge. Depending on your reed and ligature set up, you can achieve a wide gamut of styles and tones to aid in expression, the most important part of jazz music.
Physically, this piece has a light layer of oxidation forming that is only topographical and doesn't affect playability. Internally you will find semi rounded sidewalls and a roll-step baffle design for added edge, all flowing effortlessly into the compact, rounded chamber.
Sonically, this piece has a rich harmonic character with a slight edge to help cut through a sax section, and even more so a full big band. It is "The Lead" after all, so lead players would benefit from this piece most, in small ensemble situations for pop, rock, and blues this piece is great... unless the guitarist won't turn their amp down!
This piece is old stock so we are offering it at a reduced price, it ships without ligature nor mouthpiece cap.